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An intellectual collective founded in 1997 that is dedicated to lateral thinking and bad taste. It is often unclear if it is a religion disguised as a joke, or a joke disguised as a religion -- much in the same vein as The Church of the Subgenius or Discordianism. They maintain an expansive website at www.branchfloridians.org and regularly put out e-zines called "The World Domination Update." The group's self-professed objective is "think for yourself!"

At first glance, the Branch Floridians appear to be an ultra-fundamentalist cult, but anyone paying attention should quickly realize this is a sarcastic fascade. Admittedly, though, it is often difficult to tell when they are being serious, and when they are joking. Such pranksterism is deliberately designed to provoke people into *thinking*.
The group has no relation to MSN member and crusader Michelson-Morley or any of his alter-ego/pseudonics. There is a member of the Branch Floridians named Reverend FairInHeight 451, and Fairinheight451 is also a name used by Michelson-Morley. This is a coincidence, though it understandably has caused some confusion among people who dislike MM for his activities in policing several rogue communities that break the MSN Code of Conduct. Michelson-Morley is *not* a member of the Branch Floridians, though respects their ideas.
by Manager December 16, 2004

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