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One of the greatest people you will ever meet. She seems average when you first meet her but the more you get to know her the weirder she gets. She's the person who will stay up with you until 4am talking about the randomest of things or listening to your problems. Incredibly funny and she knows it. Slightly conceited and stubborn. Some might say she talks a little bit too much. She'll always be there to cheer you up. As for outwardly appearances, she's got great eyes that kinda make her look like she's about to kill you but she won't. Adinas need attention and they're not afraid to ask for it. Also they cry a lot and are super emotional. But over all still 10/10
"what's wrong with her?"

"oh nothing that's just Adina"
by insultgiver August 28, 2017
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A smart, strong, athletic beautiful chic, who has a mindset where she can do anything she wants. Not the best student bet works diligently and hard to accomplish her goal. An amazing friend who you can sit in a diner booth and just talk for hours about the most random topics. Hot and sexy, and makes all the boys fall to her feet. Enchanting eyes (usually

bright green). She is funny and she knows it. She makes everyone fall on the floor laughing, and never runs out of energy. The best friend anyone could ask for if you find one you don't want to lose her. She is a loyal and supporting person who you should always want to be around. She loves attention and makes the most out of everyday
Me: OMG, who is that girl? She is so funny and hot
You: That's Adina, sorry man she is taken by some other dude
Me: Damn it! Well that man is the luckiest guy in the world
by golden_rose_insta December 05, 2017
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A girl who will do anything to make her friends smile. She is a listener. She hates to talk about herself because it makes her feel selfish. Adinas always want to help but sometimes want to be alone. She doesn't like to talk about her problems but she has them. If you ask an Adina if she is ok she will lie and say she is fine even if she isn't. Even though she lies she feels special when someone asks. Adinas are insecure and say they hate when people call her beautiful but actually she loves it. She falls easily so don't break her heart. If you have her don't let her go... Ever.
'Are you ok?'
Adina: ' yeah. I'm fine'
'Adina. Tell me the truth'
Adina: ok. I'm not fine. I need to talk with you.
by Popular girl October 15, 2013
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The girl's name Adina \a-di-na\ is pronounced AH-dee-nah. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "noble, gentle, delicate".
'wow, thats such a beatiful name!'

'Adina means noble.'
by Milly-Molly-Mandy January 24, 2008
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an amazing young chick.
trustworthy and a friend you never want to loose
opinianated and stubborn at times
speacial and sophisticated
you can talk for hours with her and never get bored
shes a great dancer with a gorgeous booty
shes known for her awesome hair and such unique personality
one of the most hilarious girls you could ever meat. adina is a cute and magical catch
me - Hey who's that
you - oh she has to be the sexiest chick ive seen
me - must be adin adin ;) (adina)
by leyla12 April 10, 2011
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Hebrew origin
An amazing young girl.

Trustworthy and a friend you never want to loose

Opinionated and stubborn at times
She's special and sophisticated.
You can talk for hours with her and never get bored.

She's a great dancer with a gorgeous booty.
She's known for her intelligence and unique personality.
She is one of the most hilarious girls you ever met.
Adina is a sexy and sophisticated young woman.
"Adina is 1 in 1,000,000"

"OMG That girl is so sexy"
"I know too bad shes taken"
by LiveLifeLaughing April 27, 2015
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hebrew for "gentle, noble, delicate"

a beautiful girl, a perfect girl, extremely attractive
yo, who u going out with?

im going out with adina

dam man! ur lucky!

yo, u see that girl? shes an adina!
by hellkilla July 12, 2010
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