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Def1) Sex. It can be anything from handjobs/fingering to oral to full penetrative sex. Must be indoors (hence the "room"). May also involve some kind of competitive game or specific goal, but this is not neccesary to qualify as roomsport.

Def2) Random exclamation of happiness or excitement, possibly about the prospect of roomsport itself.

The word "Roomsport" is believed to have originated in either southwestern Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia.
John- "What did you and Jessica do last night?"
Paul- "Roomsport"
John- "Nice"

Ed- "I bet I can last longer than you"
Steve- "No fucking way"
Ed- "Fine, roomsport"

Fred- "I'm going to make her squirt, roomsport tonight"


John- "Why are you so excited?"
Jun- "My parents are buying me a BMW"
John- "You rich mother fucker"
by Malcolm X-Terminator January 12, 2008

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Def1)A person who lives life dominated by their own personal values, beleifs, and ambitions. A true "individual" doesn't even realize they are an individual, they are just doing their thing and it feels natural to them. Anyone who calls themselves an individual and thinks they arn't part of culture and society is stupid and just as unindividual as they people they look down on for joining mainstream culture. Listening to obscure indie music doesn't make you an individual. Wearing trendy clothes does not make you an individual.

Def2)But really, everyone is an individual, the previously mentioned "true individual" who does their thing because it comes naturally to them is really just a confident, intelligent person who stands out from the crowd, but in actuallity is no different that everyone else just because humans, in a basic sense, live for the same things (their values, ambitions, personal relationships, dreams, ect). Its impossible not to be an individual, because people have evolved as societies for the last million years and your attitude can not change that. Everyone has their own values and beleifs, but their behaviour is shaped in varying degrees by their setting and role in a situation. This is undeniable and undebatable fact of human existance. The people who appear to be "individual" just have their behaviour and morals/ideas influenced by a different aspect of life than the observer's own beliefs.
Def1) Jane- "I love you so much, Bill, you're just such an individual"
Bill- "What? I'm not doing anything special, I'm just living life"

Ellen- "I'm an individual. I'm not controlled by the mindless drone that is mainstream culture. I don't get my ideas by watching MTV like everyone else. I listen to Arcade Fire. I have a red streak in my hair. Why are people such sheep?"
Drederick- "Bitch shut the fuck up, you and your friends all look the same and every high school has a group of you sorry losers. You arn't unique, and you arn't individual"

Def2) Everyone is an individual. But not everyone realizes that, so we get cultural bullshit from a few lame high school kids.
by Malcolm X-Terminator January 12, 2008

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To be Illmatic is to represent your background and culture with great eloquence and expertise.

Became famous with Nas' extra-hype debut album, Illmatic.
Representing, it's illmatic.

That was illmatic, son!

Illmatic is a masterpiece!
by Malcolm X-Terminator May 01, 2008

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Hockey played on the street rather than on a rink. It is a popular and long-time tradition for kids accross Canada and other regions (pressumably the northern United States). It is the same as regular hockey, but played on foot or rollerblades, and has no restriction on how many people can play. Sometimes a hollow plastic puck will be used, but often a tennis ball is used to replace the puck. When a car comes, everyone yells "CAR" and the goalies pick up the net and everyone walks to the side so the car can pass, then continues the game.

Also known as ball hockey or street hockey.
The best thing ever.

Kid1- "Wanna play road hockey after school? We got Billy, Fred, Sam, Paul, Jake, and Isaac so far, and Mike and Alex might come, too."
Kid2- "Fuck yes I wanna play road hockey. Shoes or rollerblades?"
Kid1- "Whatever you want"
Kid2- "Sweet"
by Malcolm X-Terminator January 13, 2008

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A Canadian $10 bill. Called a Mac D because the first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald is on it.
Yo, can you trade me two Laurier's for a Mac D?
by Malcolm X-Terminator May 25, 2008

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Those toothpaste shits where you whipe your ass 10 000 times but it never shows any signs of slowing down so you just kind of dab at it. Sometimes followed by a feeling of accomplishment or, ironically, cleansliness or releif. Can be caused by bad diet, but otherwise occurs sooner or later after a month or so.
I just had the dabs. Sometimes you just need to clean out the pipes.

I just had a bag of doritos with my brother, and we had italian for dinner. We're going to have mad dabs tommorow.
by Malcolm X-Terminator January 12, 2008

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Heat- Someone who looks like they are on drugs, do drugs regularly, or sell drugs. Someone is only heat if you can tell they are on/do/sell drugs just by looking at them without any other information (i.e. knowing they are on/do/sell drugs regularly beforehand).
This random guy on the bus was like "hey buddy, I bet you smoke weed", I must be heat.

Paul- "Did you see that guy outside Micky D's?"
Sam- "Yah, that guy was mad heat, probably has the munchies"

Rob- "This kid down the street from me sells coke, he's only 16, its crazy"
James- "Who, Lucas?"
Rob- "Yah"
James- "I always thought that kid was heat"
by Malcolm X-Terminator January 12, 2008

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