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Someone who believes that COVID-19 is much worse than something like the flu and that we should all worry. Coronafags often try to spread the false message that we’re all going to die from COVID-19 as soon as we get it.

Coronafags were thought of as stupid back when COVID-19 was first discovered. However, more and more people have turned into Coronafags as the number of people who have been infected by COVID-19 increased. Even major companies like Google have turned into coronafags. However, some major companies like Apple don’t seem to be too bothered, which is good.

If you find a coronafag, you can remind them that the 2017-18 flu pandemic had a mortality rate of ~10%, while COVID-19 has an esimated mortality rate of ~2-3%.
Person 1: “It’s sad that people think that COVID-19 is just another flu. It’s something much worse.
Person 2, using common sense: “Stfu coronafag. The 2017 flu pandemic had a 4 times higher mortality rate than COVID-19. Stop trying to spread Coronafag Syndrome to everyone. You’re a disgrace.
by MakeUDGreatAgain April 08, 2020

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An utter shithole filled to the brim with right-winger shit-flinging barbarian monkeys who think of themselves (the "auth-right") as the kings of the Internet castle and the "lib-left" as the dirty rascals. They often use crying and masked Wojak shittysketches to make them feel like they've justified their opinions about themselves. Like any other pathetic snob-nosed alt right, tbey also think liberalism = socialism = communism.
Average PCM user: Har har, i saw a lib-left produce a legitimate argument against the auth-right, time to portray them as the triggered Wojak to fully own them!
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by MakeUDGreatAgain January 04, 2021

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be with you
May the 4th is Star Wars Day.
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by MakeUDGreatAgain March 14, 2020

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When you say "ur mum gay" and someone replies with "no u"
Person 1: Ur mum gay
Person 2: No u
(Person 1 gets 20th degree burns on every part of their body)
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by MakeUDGreatAgain February 18, 2021

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