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Female version of the saying: balls to the wall.
It was first said in pure ironical response to the implied masculinity of the homonym 'balls'.
Mike: "Damn, how did you get here so fast?"
Sarah: "I had my pussy to the wall the whole way!"
by Maglicious February 28, 2005

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Noun. 1. Shortened way of saying "sabotaged". 2. Description of someones, usually a boss or work colleague, deliberate subversion of your personal plans.
Jimmy: "Hey Mack, we gonna do lunch or what?"
Mack: "No man, Boss said I gotta get these reports finished by 2:00."
Jimmy: "Man, you got sabo'd"
by Maglicious March 17, 2005

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A term that means you are jonesing for some cocaine.

Derived from the fact that Joanie loved Chachi and thus implying that you too have a strong desire for chachi/chach
Please see chachi/chach
by Maglicious February 15, 2005

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A slang term for cocaine.
"Hey man, you got any chach?"
"Yeah, lets go do a bump."

When speaking in code:
"Dude, I am totally into that show Joanie Loves Chachi tonight"
"No shit? Well maybe we should call Charles. He always knows a party...."
by Maglicious February 14, 2005

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