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The best place to live in the whole fucking world. School uniforms are Juicy sweatsuits and Louis Vuiton backpacks. Vodka and crystal run freely in the drinking fountains. Who cares it's Lake Oswego. Every student is a genius, and they aint no racists. They actually WORSHIP black people...the 2 that go to the school anyways. Every sport wins at everything...it's LO. The girls are dime. One person in the history of the school had sex...she died. The ecstasy and alc aint no problem if you know what I mean. You can best find kids running around with their nannies, tubing on the lake, or visiting a vacation home. Teenagers are driving around their range rovers and Hummers PAST nine oclock trying to find parties and getting MIPed. Standard procedure. You can find the LOPO around every street corner looking like they're busy doing something important. Well, usually they're scouting out dangerous speeders driving 2 or 3 miles per hour over the speed limit. The average GPA is 4.0. It's Lake Oswego aka LO...the shit.
Charles: Dude what are we gunna do tonight?
Ryan: I don't fuckin know I have to finish my calculus homework. Then we should like hit up Clarissa's party on the lake. I think she found the key to their wine cellar.
Charles: That stuff is expensive, dude.
Ryan: Um...it's fucking Lake Oswego.
Charles: Oh ya, fuck yes.

Example 2:
Claire: Did you hear about Lizy?
Madeline: what?
Claire: She made out with a black guy.
Madeline: nu uh.
Claire: seriously.
Madeline: oh my god. that's fucking amazing
by Madelicious November 14, 2006
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A word used to get the message 'out there'. It originated from a fire-breathing fire crotch, but is commonly used when something is spread around the school.

Britney- I can't hide that I'm pregnant any longer. And they don't even know about...my STD.
Chrissy- Tellam!
Britney- No, you tellam!
Chrissy- Britney, you HAVE to tellam. You can't just let him go on not knowing u gave him vagimples, honey.
Britney- Fine, I'll tellam.
by Madelicious October 04, 2007
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