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The constant reminders from companies or individuals to renew or not to forget expiration dates via email or postal mail.
I am really tired of Consumer Reports reminding me to renew my yearly subscription. I get nagmail from them every week.
by mactwisted September 02, 2011

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a. The action of causing processes to occur in the background without end users being aware of what is happening.

b. Making things work without requiring user intervention.

c. Fixing something without anyone seeing how it was done.
When I left work last night my computer program would not launch, but our technology guy, Harold, fixed it by the next morning. The program automagically launched when I turn on my computer.
by Mactwisted April 21, 2011

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The art of being nice and giving to others a portion of what one has.
share sharing
ration cut part
portion allowance
Jerri is a very shareful person; she always gives a portion of her lunch to her coworkers.
by mactwisted October 09, 2009

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A person, place or thing found to be authentic without flaw or imitation.
Did you see the boots she was wearing? They were very nice, the real vanilla.
by mactwisted October 23, 2011

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