4 definitions by Macdaddy5539

What you call your ginger friend's penis
Hey Will put your shorts back on. No one's tryin to see that elmo dick
by Macdaddy5539 August 17, 2016
A skinny Caucasian male, usually teenaged, that has his hair bleached white, giving the appearence of a thin Q-tip. Usually into rap/Hip-hop. See cracka and honkey.
That Eminem wannabe is such a Q Tip
by Macdaddy5539 June 19, 2005
1. What one says after stephen colbert's 1,000,000 group on facebook actually reaches 1,000,000 people.
2. What Lil' Jon says before spilling his "crunk juice" all over a "bitch"
by Macdaddy5539 October 26, 2007
A combination of scene and emo
Usually messy black hair, black clothes, dark makeup (even boys) and girl pants (even boys.)
They think that their life is really hard and "try" to commit suicide (Slitting wrists is a favorite, burning, etc.)
Listen to screamy music
Just all around depressing

emogame.com explains it in better detail
"My life sucks and I wanna cry myself a river and drown in it."

"Wow, dude, you're really scemo."
by Macdaddy5539 April 4, 2005