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The act of passing out in a cab while traveling from one bar to another in order to be refreshed and energized upon arrival.
Cheryl: "Mike's totally passed out; he's done for the night. Tell the driver to take him home."

Tom: "Shit, no. He's just grabbing a cab nap...he'll be fine when we get there."
by MPFOGARTY July 12, 2010

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When one loses or breaks their mobile device beyond repair or recovery.
John: "I've been calling you all morning. Why don't you pick up?"

Mike: "My phone went to cell phone heaven last night."

John: "I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you."
by mpfogarty October 19, 2010

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When a Facebook friend or Twitter follower posts something you did hours earlier as if it was theirs.
Mike (9:30 am): "This is a really funny video about biking in NYC."

MC: (12:45 pm): "Brilliant bike lane PSA - watch this!"

Mike: Wow MC, where do you find this brilliant material? I suppose my account? You know it's a social echo by not hat tipping me on this right?

MC: *crickets*
by mpfogarty June 10, 2011

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