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A very nourishing, white and salty syrup dispensed on the tongues of waiting and erogenously excited young women by way of the mighty schlong. Those of the female persuasion who deny their consumption of this much desired fluid is merely lying not only to themselves, but everyone they direct eye contact with.
Melissa says she doesn't partake of the nut nectar, so what's that hanging from her chin? Spit? Drool? I think not.
Also see cum, jizz, sperm
by MOUND November 01, 2004
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1) Old man booze, such as Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, or any such corn whiskey or spirits.
2) Jizz, cum, spooge, spunk, man-cream, love juice, ball beverage, nut nectar, well you get the picture
1) I got grounded for a month for sneaking in the basement and drinking grandpa's cough medicine.
2) My girl had the flu, so when she was blowing me, I came in her throat and gave her some of grandpa's cough medicine, and the next morning she was fine.
by MOUND October 31, 2004
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Matt isn't a Turkey Fucker, everyone who mentions the word Turkey to him is a fucktard!
Matt Does NOT fuck Turkey's - Harvey wants to though...!
by Mound December 06, 2004
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