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A smaller city located in the Pasadena area of LA. Monrovia is disguised to look cute and quaint on the outside. Myrtle, aka Old town is the main street of Monrovia. The buildings are decorated to mimic old buildings from previous decades, accented with cobble stone paths and Victorian street lamps. Friday nights along Myrtle consist of street fair shopping, where one can purchase home made crafts made by your grandmother, your grandmother's friend or your grandmother's friends grandchild. People get together to eat at family owned places such as Jake's Roadhouse, middle schoolers go to Krikorian theater to catch a movie. The only high schoolers seen on a Friday night either work at the movie theater, or at any other restaurant or coffee house and thus have to be there. If you are the age between 16-20, you would not be caught dead there on a Friday night, unless deemed you have nothing else in the damn world to do. During the day any other time of the week, middle aged woman who live above Foothill (anyone above Foothill is lost likely white or wealthy) spend their money in the expensive boutiques and older woman meet with their sewing groups at the Monrovian to eat lunch. Yes Monrovia may seem like the perfect picture town on the outside, with their craftsman houses in the hills, the banners on the light poles bearing what colleges the high school graduates will be attending and the pretty arbor and hedges strategically placed next to benches. But if you live in Monrovia, you know the underbelly of it all. You know what truly lurks in such a town. You know that Monrovia has a mixed ethnic group, thus causing gang uproars, even between the neighboring towns. You know of the murders. You know which places to go if you want to buy weed, or the places to go if you want to get shot. You know the safest place is probably the friday night street fair unless duroc shows up. You know the worst place to be is at a party after the friday night football game against Durate. Monrovia looks like a nice place to live, but it is actually the hood.
Person #1: Hey guys, do you wanna go to the Monrovia street fair?
Person #2: What the fuck, do you wanna go hang out with your little sister or something? Go buy some rag doll or some shit from Grandma?
Person #3: We could go to (insert name here)'s party. They just kicked Duarte's ass in the game.
Person #1: Do you wanna get shot tonight?
by MHS 2009 Graduate July 09, 2009

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This kick ass garage band based in Monrovia-Arcadia CA. Their music is sensational to everyone's ears. You hear them and you fall in love and you think, "Its too bad you can't marry music." Then you listen a little more and you think, " It's too bad you can't have sex with music." They are influenced by rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Beatles, Heart...., Megadeth, etc. Pyrotechnics is the shit.
Druggie #1: Did you hear Pyrotechnics play last night?
Druggie #2: Yeah man, I didn't need to smoke to get high.
by MHS 2009 Graduate July 09, 2009

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n. 1. A person who frequently rents movies and keeps updated on all new releases. 2. A person obsessed with renting movies.

(red boxing) v. 1.A syndrome that is associated with becoming obsessed to rent movies. 2. Can be used to describe a way of life.

Derived from the Red Box movie machine, where movies are one dollar a night. Can also be used to describe any type of movie watcher (net flicks user, block buster goer)

Most red boxers go to a Red Box located in a grocery store where they can have the excuse to shop and stop at the red box on they're way out.
Red Boxers know to reserve movies online in order to make a quick get away.
Person 1: Man, that chick is always renting movies, she is here just about every day.
Person 2. Oh yeah, she's what we call a red boxer. Check it out, she reserves them online.
by mhs 2009 Graduate July 14, 2009

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