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Computer goods sold without any added extras (i.e. packaging, unnecessary software, etc.), thus making them less expensive.

More commonly referred to as O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer). White box goods generally do not carry factory warranties. Rather, the seller offers a brief period for exchange or return.

A white box ATI RADEON 9600 video card would most likely be the card in a static bag and a CD containing the drivers.
by MDT October 23, 2003
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A man who wears speedos that are a little too small and his package is reminiscent of a type of bird being taken against his will.
That budgy smuggler should get off the beach before he embarrasses himself.
by MDT May 31, 2006
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An expression of discontent or frustration.
"Ahhh flip, I screwed up the recipe again!"

"Flip, I didn't want to see her at this party."
by MDT October 08, 2003
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