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To get high off of joints of weed.
Yo cuhz, let's start catching planes.
by mcs October 27, 2010
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Extremely amazing place that's only reachable by catching planes.
Where you wanna go cuh?
Shit let's make that trip up to Chillinois.
by mcs October 27, 2010
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A boss ass b*tch. Some one who is always ready to turn up. Marsalsa is a beautiful girl who has attitude and swag.
Your dope, like Marsalsa.
by Mcs January 07, 2014
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free smoking session.

known as a FREEzie because it's free and you chill
cuh, preciate the freezie
by mcs December 08, 2010
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A skillful MC with questionable street credibility.

He has skills, no doubt and industry didn't see it until 1996 and Reasonable Doubt was released.

Jay-Z's street credibility is damaged by these considerations:
1) The girl that he was with before he blew up was extremely ugly.("Song Cry") If he slanged coke and was big time hustler, this wouldn't make sense. Maybe he liked her point of view? probably not because Jay is a superficial MOFO.
2) Un Rivera's deposition, I have read it, suggest that Rivera is not 100% certain (even unclear) as to who actually stabbed him. In the deposition he is extremely docile. If you read any deposition of cross-examination, this is never the case. Often they will be extremely hostile and reluctant to answer any questions. Un was paid by Jay, but for what?? To say, "my name is Un and Jay stabbed me~!" Plus, Jay-z plead guilty and asked for a deal like a RAT.

3) Un was his first court case. He never went to court before this nor jail.

Look, you have problem if you doubt everything they tell you on TV. But you are just as stupid if you believe everything that these RAPPERS are telling you.

This goes out the Tupac, Biggie, Nas, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg also. They even admitted that they don't do shit that they say on their music (except Snoop cause he is such a stoner). Why is it that I hear people saying that Jay-Z was a crazy gangster/dealer/murderer? Its garbage~!

Vast majority of gang bangers from the 80's are now in the streets as bums (the cracked out ones) that you laugh at. Go ask them if they knew Jay-Z back in the days.
"You wanna be me, you can't you f@ggot you bitch you coward you clown you just wanna get down"

=Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones (2002)=
by MCs May 05, 2005
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