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A state of euphoria experienced in a social setting with music, food and drinks. Basically a largess of the previously stated 3 ingredients

Derived from the word 'Enjoy'
Boniface: What did you do last night?

Pius: Dude we went to Kunle's house and full flenjor was in effect now I don't think I can go to work.
by Lynxx May 12, 2009
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The systematic killing off of pigs in large numbers.
With no cases of swine flu reported in Egypt to date, officials from both the UN and the World Health Organization have condemned Egypt’s porcicide as a drastic overreaction
by Lynxx May 7, 2009
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A unique state of mind usually displayed by politically savvy and athletic individuals 6ft 4 and above
Ekene is C.O.H
by Lynxx May 11, 2009
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To deliver a beat down (physically or verbally) to another (sorry) person in a way that makes the defeated party unable to walk with their chin up and chest out. Basically an ownage/pwn

Definition derived from the beat down that Cassius Clay (formerly known as Muhammad Ali) gave the now infamous Sonny Liston.
James: Dude don't make me come over an Cassius Clay you man!

John: Why don't you try it?

<James goes over to John and gives him a whooping>

Sean: John you just got Cassius Clayed fool!!
by Lynxx May 12, 2009
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