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something that is uncomfortable or awkward
The retarded boy asked me to prom, and I didn't know what to say. It was really thorny.
by LushissLushpants August 01, 2009

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1. when something is so thorny (aka awkward) that it is pleasantly entertaining (usually for a third party)

2. when someone is so overwhelmingly thorned that he or she breaks out in nervous, sometimes uncontrollable laughter
1. The character "Murray" on Flight of the Conchords provides plenty of thorngasms.

Guy: "My girlfriend farted in the car on the way home and I pretended like I didn't hear, but we could both smell it."
Friend: "HAHAHA that's a thorngasm."

2. The doctor asked me if I was sexually active in front of my mom and I had to answer yes. He then proceeded to ask me all storts of questions about my sex life. My mom just stared at me in disbelief the whole time. I almost had a thorngasm.
by LushissLushpants August 01, 2009

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1. an extraordinarily thorny situation in which there are multiple factors contributing to the awkwardness

2. a situation that is painfully awkward
1. I said a "YO MAMA" joke and then he told me his mom was dead. And then I asked "cancer?" and he said "no my dad killed her." It was a thornado.

2. My dad was in my room on my computer and my mom walked in holding up one of my g-strings and asked "Is this your thong honey?" And my dad just looked at me. I was trapped in a thornado.
by LushissLushpants August 01, 2009

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