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Someone who talks bad about you because you got something that they dont have.
Those new shoes are stupid.
by Lumpy March 04, 2005

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Fuck anyone who hasnt heard of them. Greatest metal band ever, you say no? Go eff yourself. El oh el.

Weeee sluts.
Sign of the Cross is the best song.
by Lumpy September 22, 2003

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One who likes pie.
I Like Pie.
by LuMpY July 18, 2003

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Sweating heavily from the chin.
Fuck man, does Wayne ever sweat alot from his chin!
by Lumpy April 28, 2004

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Unfortunate side effect sometimes associated with tossing the salad.
I was tossing the salad, she poo'd, and I bit the shit.
by Lumpy February 06, 2004

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Volume License Key, The type of key used by large businesses to avoid activation on Microsoft products.
With my VLK I don't have to activate this Microsoft product.
by LuMpY April 19, 2003

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a patented move of external vaginal manipulation that invariably results in chicks really digging Cooter and Lumpy
"once Cooter gave her the musher, she was begging him for butt sex"
by Lumpy February 11, 2004

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