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DP Gents: "A particular entertainment for the more discerning gentleman".

A term employed as slang for clandestinely "entertaining" multiple gentlemen of a certain elevated position in society. Discretion is the key here, mingling or advertising to the lower echelons of society is discouraged. Often found amongst politicians or public figures.
T: I'm feeling the itch, y'know? Fancy a little strange, you know anyone "discreet"?
M: Ah, the old "DP Gents" call? Yeah, I know some guys.
by Lullabytiger August 13, 2014
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Simultaneously experiencing manic crying and hysterical laughter, usually resulting from surprise workloads/deadlines that you have been delegated, but not consulted on, leading to disbelief and despair.

Other notable applications of the word have been known to appear at the negative outcome of a pregnancy scare.
A: Oh you finished the project overnight? How nice of you! But I didn't actually need it till next week because the deadline changed, did I forget to tell you?

B: Whaaa? But..I worked all...for...*twitch*, *CRAUGHTER*

by Lullabytiger September 11, 2014
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The stage of a hangover where any and all attempts at conversation merely result in grunts of "Oooh, Arrr"
"Sorry hun, I would have hung around this morning but I'd hit the West-Country Hangover stage ."
by Lullabytiger April 08, 2013
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