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A Slut of girl who puts it around with little regard to morals or health issues. A dirty ripper.
'Stay away from her mate shes a right slag, a proper brothel chick' "shit! is she?" 'yeah you go near that mate and you'll get Knob Rot!"
by LukeyGee May 10, 2006
Originally a Jamaican swear word ( see bludclot), picked up on in the UK and used incorrectly as a term of endearment in the same way as Bredren.

However, the term 'Blood' is used by members of the westcoast streetgang of the same name to acknowledge eachothers membership and as a term of endearment.

The term Blud is now used in a same way in The UK as 'Nigga' is used in the US, but without the racial stipulation, its freely used by white and black youths to define friendship.
" woddup blud waagwaan?"
by LukeyGee May 5, 2006
Its spelt IRIE and its a jamaican term for feeling good, happy,cool etc
waagwaan? 'every ting is irie'. not spelt irey.
by LukeyGee April 28, 2006
Tranquilizer, drug, date rape, mickey finns. Pills to slip in a persons drink in order to take advantage of them sexually or other wise.
'I feel fucked, i think someones spiked me with a Qualude'
by LukeyGee May 3, 2006
Reference to the cult comedy from the Wayans Bro,s, 'Dont be a menace while drinking your juice in the hood'. Meaning:/ preparing ones self to approach a member of the opposite sex in order to impress. Making sure you've not got shit in your teeth etc... Checking your hair and breath, your general appearance, inorder to come across slick and cool. Nonchalant.

Originally refers to Denzel Washingtons performance in malcolm X, at the beginning of the film when he gets his hair straightened and his pimp outfit, in order to impress the ladies.
'I'm about to get into my Mack Daddy Denzel Mode you know Yeeeeeaaaah! watch me move up these honeys.'
by LukeyGee April 28, 2006