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The Mecca for every college student in America.

Where other college students come to pay homage to FSU for the bountiful beer, innumerous parties, and lack of both an organized police force and shitty Nattie Ice backwoods hoe-downs.

The Mecca of all Meccas, actually kicking wimpy Mecca ass while you metronome wildly back and forth between drinking and sleeping.

A place where critical theorists, Pre-meds, Pre-laws, Pre-dropouts, business mages, English mages, and even blondes can all be cage fighters and mess up someone else's place, bleed for the Noles and charge people for parking on their front lawn to get to the game, hit every club in town, walk to five different parties and still get home.

An almost mythical place of immense partying. An all-night, all-day, ass-kicking, mesmerizing series of smeared blurry memories, blue paint, missing eyebrows, white ninjas, block-parties, block-fights, TPD, beer pong, boxing, and, best of all, easy FSU hook-ups.
Friend#1: "Hey, you goin to study group tonight?"

Friend#2: " Hell no. You see, this is Tally. No one actually studies at night because that's when parties are goin on, and not in the morning because no one's awake in the morning unless they're goin to class and come on, you don't have to be awake for that, and not on the weekends, either, because that's when you unwind from all the partying you've been doing and really party."

Friend#1: "Yeah, I know all that, remember, 'study group' is the code for when rents call. By the way, your mom's on speakerphone."
by Luke the Nuke October 05, 2006
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A form of sneak attack involving humiliation, hilariously absurd tactics, and, occasionally, the uploading of the accompanying video or picture onto the Internet. Can be used as a noun, pronoun, or verb.
See defamation.
Possible root word: flamboyant, as a flamanglebesh is often, "strikingly brilliant, conspicuously elaborate, and excessively showy."

Possibly extracted from bash-Informal.idiom- A thoroughly enjoyable, lively party. (A haven for the Flamanglebesh-an apt and likable pronoun.)

Blinding a friend momentarily with a laser pointer while a strategically-placed accomplice whacks him in the face with a grocery bag of week-old, rotting bait shrimp. Scream, "FLAMANGLEBESH!" Now whip out that cell phone or camcorder and upload to give EVERYONE(Myspace, Facebook, etc.) a good laugh.
"The one who falls asleep first at a party is the main and most likely flamanglebeshee, or, one who has suffered a flamanglebesh; easily recognized and referred to as, 'That guy outside bike-chained to the tree, passed-out, and wearing an actual SLIPPERY WHEN WET traffic sign."
by Luke the Nuke October 02, 2006
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The taste in your mouth the morning after a party, as if you want to shave your tongue.

Side-effects may include one or all of the following:


-Coughing, vomiting, and/or dry-heaving,

-Massive headache but throat too dry to swallow aspirin,

-Aversion to natural light,

-Minor/Spatial amnesia

-Wanting or using more alcohol to flush down the taste,

-While taking a shower, drinking from the same water by inclining head upwards,

-Excessive swallowing,

-Excessive drinking,

-Physical weakness,

-Cranial expansion,

-Overweight or otherwise girl of questionable attractiveness in or near your bed,

-Blue handprints on your toilet.

See bash.

Friend#1: "Oh come on, we're all headed to breakfast, who cares if you're eyebrows are missing?"

Friend#2: "It's not that, I've got some major bashmouth that I'm killing with this bottle of vodka, so shut that fucking door, you're letting the light in."
by Luke the Nuke October 04, 2006
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The feeling of immense pressure on the inside of your skull the morning after a party.
Guy: "Holy shit, this is the worst cranial expansion I've ever had. Where the hell am I?"

Girl: " Yeah, you were pretty wasted last night, you asked me if I wanted to 'take it to the next level'. I laughed right onto the floor. That Hyundai guy who lives here wants to know where we are, too."
by Luke the Nuke October 04, 2006
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A person who is jittery, squirrel-like, creepy, and twitchy. Often engage in menial, mindless tasks or projects, usually not completing any work, either due to uncontrollable twitchiness or lack of inherent thought.

A scrat may also vaguely resemble a mouse, chipmunk, or squirrel. Scrats usually have few friends as twitchiness and spineless brown-nosing are unappealing.

A scrat engages in sucking-up in order to appease his or her insatiable hunger for approval and a pat on the head. back, etc. This is because most scrats are talentless hacks and have sold their soul to Satan for the management job at local fast food joints or faceless, non-heathcare-providing, glass-ceiling, corporate ladder slaveries.
Co-worker #1: "Greg is such a wierd, freaky, twitchy guy, he's kinda like working with a spider. I don't really want to get too close, y'know?"

Co-worker #2: "Duh. He's a scrat."
by Luke the Nuke October 02, 2006
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