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The taste in your mouth the morning after a party, as if you want to shave your tongue.

Side-effects may include one or all of the following:


-Coughing, vomiting, and/or dry-heaving,

-Massive headache but throat too dry to swallow aspirin,

-Aversion to natural light,

-Minor/Spatial amnesia

-Wanting or using more alcohol to flush down the taste,

-While taking a shower, drinking from the same water by inclining head upwards,

-Excessive swallowing,

-Excessive drinking,

-Physical weakness,

-Cranial expansion,

-Overweight or otherwise girl of questionable attractiveness in or near your bed,

-Blue handprints on your toilet.

See bash.

Friend#1: "Oh come on, we're all headed to breakfast, who cares if you're eyebrows are missing?"

Friend#2: "It's not that, I've got some major bashmouth that I'm killing with this bottle of vodka, so shut that fucking door, you're letting the light in."
by Luke the Nuke October 04, 2006
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