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Jade is a generally green semi precious gemstone and as well as being a colour (Hex: 558A84 RGB: 85,138,132.) It is also the best name for a female (of any species) The name Jade is best suited to someone with dark hair and tends to conjure up an oriental feel (mmm... sounds hot)
The love of my life,
My reason for existence;
All my dreams come true,
I offer no resistance.

Bad poetry will I write,
far past the end of time;
my drink of choice is vodka,
with soda, lemon and lime.

Life is hard, I must admit my despair
I am in love, all should be so sweet
What is so right cannot be wrong
I love you

Note: it is the authors opinion that poetry does not have to rhyme. This point is especially valid when the poetry in question is of such a poor standard as is the case above.

However; this is of no importance as
I love Jade and I will continue to regardless of everything

Jade is Sweetness
Tracey is a Bogan
I am and have always been The lowest priority
by Luke Warm December 23, 2008

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1. Not hot

2. uninspiring
Its so luke warm here right now
by Luke Warm July 04, 2008

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Australian or New Zealander who possesses no class at all

Refer: white trash, red-neck, trailer trash, alcoholic, breeder, simpleton, Victorian, Geelong, Prahran, Shepparton
The traditional Bogan:

Identification key for the male of the species:
Black desert boots, tight black jeans, blue singlet or black t-shirt (AC-DC etc), blue chequered flannelette (flanny) long sleeved shirt.
Mullet haircut (Short at the front, long at the back – refer: Billy Ray Cyrus The haircut with its own motto: 'Business at the front, party at the back' in some circles also referred to as: 'Party at the back, business at the front' Either way it is still a shit haircut.
Smokes ‘winfield blues’, these are generally located rolled up in the sleeve of the ‘flanny’
Drinks Victoria Bitter (VB)
Drives a generally loud V8 Holden or Ford with a stupid sticker on the back taking the piss out of the make of car that they do not drive; or simply stating the make/model of car that they do drive, just in case they forget.

Identification key for the female of the species:
Loud whore with way too many snotty brats, horrible shrill voice, shocking accent, really stupid (no analogy available), shops at Safeway, also possesses all of the traits of the male of the species.

Social activities include: going down the pub, drinking, arguing, violence, breeding, prejudice of all varieties, watching the footy, watching Big Brother, watching Greys anatomy, watching today tonight and A current affair to see what their relatives are up to, watching the cricket, ten-pin bowling, doing burnouts and bog laps (bogan laps = driving around town just because), filling the front yard up with cars thereby further devaluing the neighbourhood, bbq’s and referring to everyone else as bogans (no I am not a bogan; don’t be a smart-arse lol)

The contemporary Bogan:

White trash with a severe American influence on their language, social skills and lack of fashion sense.

Friday 26/12/2008
by Luke Warm January 05, 2009

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A beautiful spirit who sucks the souls out of men while they sleep
Bella, my soul was always yours from before time.
you are not a Succubus; you have claimed what is rightfully yours and i gave it freely.
by Luke Warm August 20, 2008

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A term used to describe what everyone should do. whether it be your own or someone elses: we must all 'Love the Cock' - you know its true (would I lie to you?)
Oh my god I love the cock, gimme more

She does not love the cock enough

mmm... cock
by Luke Warm August 15, 2008

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1. Common name of the Australian native plant species 'Adenanthos sericeus'

2. Expansive growth of hair; in an area thats best kept bare.
I bet she has the biggest baddest woolly bush; Im scared, I need to be held.

Damn girl; there aint no way Im going down there till you have mowed the lawn.

Bogan #1: Dude, she looks woolly.
Bogan #2: Yep, sure is.
Bogan #3: No way dude, you didnt. That is so luke warm.
Bogan #2: Ive been exploring that for the last couple of weeks. Didnt your mother ask where I was?
Bogan #1: Too funny dude; he's been in your mums hot knickers again
Bogan #3: Bite me. Have you found any treasure in there?
Bogan #2: Sorry dude; I was miles away, thinking about your mums hot knickers again. No treasure, but I did catch a shitload of crabs and its wall to wall scrot-rot down there.
All bogans together: mmm... woolly bush
by Luke Warm July 12, 2008

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An expression used to convey various reactions to events. ‘What the fuck?’ may be used in an attempt to explain any one or combination of the reactions/emotions listed below and then some.

A: Confusion
B: Incredulous confusion
C: Surprise
D: Disappointment
E: Hurt
F: Anger
G: Ironically
‘What the fuck?’ Is rarely used as a positive statement; however it may be used ironically to convey such is life (refer ex G)

A: Confusion
Why would someone use someone else who is in love with them?

B: Incredulous confusion
How could you use me to make him jealous?, to get yourself a valentines day present?, to add some excitement to your life?, to distract you?, to improve your ego?, to do most of your study?, to improve your sex life?

C: Surprise
It is a surprise to me that people can even think that way, can lie so much even to themselves, can take pleasure from causing others pain, can actually be proud of themselves for being a total arsehole

D: Disappointment
It disappoints me that even now you cannot tell the truth; that you can forget so much so easily; that it was all a lie, all just a game to you

E: Hurt
Guess what? – when you think you can feel no more pain, there is always more. To be lied to and used by someone that you have given yourself to is more hurt than anyone should have to feel

F: Anger
I am angry at myself for being a tool; I sometimes feel anger towards Tracey for being a bogan

G: Ironically
Everything I do even now, benefits you in your little game and hurts me even more. Every chance I give you just allows you to tell more lies; I am sick of Tracey time. I will talk to him, the truth will by known one way or the other. This is between us three; if he will not speak to me, I will speak to others. I have given more than enough opportunities for the truth to be told. This cannot continue. You will always be a Victorian

Tuesday 11/11/2008
by Luke Warm December 22, 2008

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