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Used by the MC JME, meaning ideas or morals, on a more superficial level, his lyrics.
'cos it's not me and you spittin' the same boomflex'
by Loui March 25, 2007
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1. The ultimate all purpose word, used as a generic term for all expressions of happiness feeling or emotion. Can also be used to replace other common jibes.

2. Can also be lengthened to 'facial' to express a generic feeling for something or someone, with emphasis on the emotion in your voice, to distinguish the feeling.

3. Also A mandatory point of conversation whilst under the influence of cannabis.
1. 'MMMM' as to express love for a food product, or some fit girl becomes 'MMMM FACE'

'YOUR MUM' becomes 'YOUR FACE'

2.'Happy birthday Geri, here's a face'

3. 'Whoa man...my face, its melting'
'Adam! Louis! You appear to have dropped your faces!'

by Loui March 25, 2007
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