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A WWII game that, In the opinions of many, is better than Modern Wafare 1 or 2.
Gamer #1: Hey dude, wanna Play modern Warfare?
Gamer #2: No thanks, I like World at war better
by LordXeras December 03, 2010

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A mediocre game for Noobs who wouldn't know a REAL gaming experience if it was jammed up their ass, them taken out and slapped firmly across their head. Everything Cod does has been done before and BETTER. want a real game? try HL2, or Crysis, or Halo, or even TF2.
Call of Duty fanboy: I played CoD all night last night, and I unlocked fmj shotguns.
Gamer:*looks over at him* fuck you, Noob.
by LordXeras November 12, 2010

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Something someone says right before saying something that may be offensive. as opposed to, say, not saying anything offensive at all.
You are such a completely moronic asshole. No offense
by LordXeras January 06, 2011

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