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The way an elephant stares at a startled Hyena before it runs away. The term is not commonly used in the Americas or any other country at that matter. The way a mouse squeals at a frog before it's swallowed alive. Basically its the reaction an animal or "prey" is pressued in eating or chasing by it's natural preatetor to complete the natural circle of life.
The Monkey hopped up and down and screamed before the man in Africa could catch him and officialy start the era of AIDS. aka Biodecomentary
by LordWaffleKisses November 17, 2009
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A subejective rejection mood. It's one of those emotional times (mostly found in guys) where you don't want to be subjectively nice to a certain person. Everyone can notice the mood, it's the mood between aggetated and pissed off. Another way to say Tanked Off is a boys time of month.
Charile came into work aggetated that his mother kicked him out.

His girlfriend comes in and breaks up with him currently making him Tanked Off. he rufuses to do his daily activities and work.

At the end of the day Charle's boss fires him. Now he's pissed off.
by LordWaffleKisses November 10, 2009
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Taking Love in the Rectum
dude that baseball player is TLR with his coach
by LordWaffleKisses November 17, 2009
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A smart determined female that has her head on straight. She is often not noticed unless someones homework is in need of doing. She sometimes reminds people of the toritis of the "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop" comercial.
Dumb kid: Hey have you seen...what's her name..Sydney!?!

Other kid: The one that looks like that tortis, no why?

Dumb kid: I need Sydney to do my homework.
by LordWaffleKisses October 26, 2009
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