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When someone takes your pink sock and rub a orange on it
Jeff orange socked me last night
by Loofahkilla April 23, 2019

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It’s where you are particularly rough fucking the ass and when pink sock comes out you keep fucking the pick sock till it bleeds
He gave me a red sock
by Loofahkilla April 24, 2019

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A homo that likes a girl named kenidie
He is such a jayce
by Loofahkilla April 24, 2019

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A word to continually use when you at trying to ignore someone on Snapchat
Johny:your being such a dick. Joe : orch
by Loofahkilla April 23, 2019

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Male cock infusion is the process of infusing your cock with a flavor... this process is done with a 5 gauge needle inserted in the piss hole
His cock tasted like banana I think he did male cock infusion
by Loofahkilla February 26, 2021

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Bloody orange sock comes from the Latin term orange sock and red sock... red sock being the act of anal penetration till bleeding and orange sock is the act of rubbing a orange on a pink/red sock. But bloody orange sock is when you analy rape a small women/man and the pink sock comes out, and you just keep raping until the point of bleeding... then you take a spoiled orange and rub it on the now “red sock” to turn it into a “bloody orange sock”.
Man she said no to that sex so I gave her a bloody orange sock.
by Loofahkilla February 25, 2021

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Got is a term when talking to the boys that you say when you see a thick bitch (preferably alien) buy it can also mean she’s hot or that she gives good blow
Damn that girls got

Damn she’s got
by Loofahkilla February 23, 2021

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