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When you feel like you have already experienced the present moment, but something looks and sounds out of place.
When I saw the word 'Vu déjà ' I had a Vu déjà.
by Lonewolfie August 1, 2020
The Indian term for an action movie which is massive or heavy in which the hero is a very powerful, almost immortal, and is probably not a good guy. He will be a one-man army, a killing machine who will have a piece of annoying background music that pops up every time he beats up a few hundred people. The plot usually will be half-cooked and illogical. There will be an abundance of retorts and one-liner dialogues with enough applause break so that stupid fans can clap the cinema theater down. Synonymous with massive and heavy
- have you watched KGF
- Yeah man that was a mass movie
by Lonewolfie October 19, 2019
As much as one would like. Often disapprovingly.
1. - I dont see her behind your back.

- Lie all you want, I saw her message in your phone.

2. You can eat all you want.
by Lonewolfie April 30, 2019