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Bitch is literally like you! Commonly used alongside Goatgreatest of all time”.
Jennifer is def Billy.

Kristal is Billy, that bitch is literally like you!
She’s Billy Goat, The original Goat, no cap.
by Lobster Roll November 12, 2019
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Great area to live in. Close to everything: Rts. 1/128/95 a few minutes away. Malls, restaurants and everything else you could possibly want is all close by as well. Commute to Boston is about 20 minutes.

It borders Lynnfield and its property taxes are reasonable. Pretty much, it's the perfect place to live.

Pay no attention to the fool that wrote "Most of the people that live there are rich and snobby and like to flaunt their money". This is not true.

I've talked to many people that have lived there from day one (30 or 40 years) and they are the nicest people.

I grew up in Lynn and worked hard to make a living which allowed me to buy a house in West Peabody. These days, a lot of people buying houses in West Peabody are from Revere, Lynn, East Boston or other areas outside of Peabody.
Poor Girl from Lynn: I'm jealous and wish I could live in West Peabody.

West Peabody resident: What a great place to live!
by Lobster Roll October 23, 2006
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