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The ritual plural term for mass "Gibbing" the act of causing somones body to explode in a large plume of blood guts and "gibs"
1. A hail of explosions and gibbitude
by Lobster April 24, 2003

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Place: Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Stomping Ground for the best beer pong players alive.
95% of inhabitants educate at Salisbury University
100% of inhabitants wakeboard, or have wakeboarded, or spend their summers in or on the water.
Outsiders: "How did you beat me so quickly in beer pong? Then how did you steal my girl because you have sublime skill on a wakeboard?"
Common Man from Mayo: "Mayo."
by Lobster April 20, 2005

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Another word for a homosexual. Bell being the helmet of the penis, and the ringer being the gay person who is sucking/wanking the the gay mans cock
by Lobster September 07, 2003

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a pudge mooley
syke you suck
by lobster August 30, 2003

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