6 definitions by LoGic FCMS

The way to issue an objection on Youtube Court TV. A term created by Logic the Judge of Youtube Court TV.
Wait Wait Wait this getting outta control.
by LoGic FCMS February 3, 2019
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When you're trying to spell and can't, and you say DIE DEAD.
Im "D.I.E...DEAD", my husband got HIV.
by LoGic FCMS September 13, 2020
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Where Youtubers come and settle disputes. The Youtube court of law and justice.
He lied on me on two live streams, can someone call Youtube Court TV.
by LoGic FCMS February 3, 2019
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When a person send multiple donation requests without a legitimate reason or cause.
Just crashed the whip hit my cash app. Ima Scamma
by LoGic FCMS February 4, 2019
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Subscribers that watch Youtube live streams and don't participate or comment in Live chat.
I have 30 people watching my livestream and only 5 people chatting. Bush people come out please.
by LoGic FCMS February 3, 2019
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