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let me have sex with you.
person: lemme smash!
other person: no
by llamalord October 16, 2014
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creative and funny ways of calling people scrubs, usually a setup or a joke.
bob: why did the chicken cross the road?
bill: i do not know, bob. why?
bob: to get to the scrubs house. hey, knock knock
bill: uh, whose there?
bill: wow, nice scrubism
by llamalord October 17, 2014
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A group of no talent MMO players who cheat and exploit and ruin everything the game is about.
Man: Oh hey lets go questing.
Woman: ok, this sure is an awsome game.
Ebonlore: Yes rape me!!! oh hay guis lets go gank some nubs and camp teh spawn points while we do it lets have gay but sex because we suck the cock.
by Llamalord May 20, 2008
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