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have you ever seen an icon? no not one from a computer. Or a brand. I mean a person. A person iconic enough to be a brand. Three. Why is it the perfect number? Three parts of an atom. Three parts of a mind. Three parts of a heart. Three parts of a brain. These are all signifant facts, but the real reason its the perfect number: Three parts of his initials. Women shrivel in J C K's presence, for they know they can never have him. Cause they're not good enough for him. No one is. Not even J C K is good enough for J C K. Plato's perfect form of icon was not chrome. or maccy d's. It was J C K. So next time you step into macdonalds, or open chrome, just remember. you're actually stepping into or opening up J CK.
"Don't use chrome. it's an outdtated webserver. Use J C K instead. he overheats easier (clicks tongue and winks) but has more memory and ram space, but most importantly is far more iconic
by Live in Excess September 25, 2022
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The greatly greatest man to ever bless this humble pile of dogshit we call a planet (yes even greater than jesus, all you christian nonbelievers out there). He speaks 45 different languages (even the ones made solely from curses for speaking to degenerates), plays 27 different instruments and is the godliest drummer on earth, beat 5 grandmasters at chess simultaneously, while blindfolded, hospitalized and immobilised, and was dubbed "kid meth cook wiz" by the british national walter white association
"Damn bro is that An-Son?"
"HOly shit bro it is yeah"
"someday i'm gonna be as great as him."
"What the fuck you just say bro? No one's as great as that legend An-Son."
by Live in Excess September 25, 2022
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Miraculously the single greatest phrase ever created, created by the single greatest man ever created (no not by god; created by a little miracle some people call s*x or int*rcourse) to sum up the indubious eventual aim of the beautifully beautifying human condition -

"Uhhh I'm not sure if I'm gonna go to the party man"
"What is up with you dude? Have you forgotten to LIVE IN EXCESS?"
"Of course. I'm sorry bro, I lost myself for a second there. I gotta follow the teachings of the legendary AVW"
by Live in Excess September 25, 2022
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A man who defines the word "beastly" he is a man of impeccably beasty beastliness - an animal of strength from which lust and desire exudes from. He breaks walls with his fists, breaks women's wombs with his manly manhood, and breaks the fourth wall with his witty sense of humbly humourous humour. Stuke's beastliness approaches a level at which the only phrase useable for him is "beastiality"
Gaaaah! Stuke! Stuke Lalley! Fatally orgasmic high pitched moans of female pleasure)
by Live in Excess September 3, 2022
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