it means to celebrate a friends negative forthcomings or pain filled situations or to be intrigued by a stoners random rants on life,cars that run on water, etc.
"dude i just took a shit that took away my manhood" "indubious!!" "dude theres this car that runs on water" a car that runs on water? indubious!
by JaJoJo August 2, 2011
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without doubt, completely certain
"Will you drink too much Smirnoff tonight and succumb to a random hook-up?"

by Richard O'Neill March 4, 2009
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you: wanna go to the movies on saturday?
me: indubiously.
you: sweet!
by RachelxCore February 12, 2008
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Oh dear, it appears to be raining outside! Indubiently old chum.
by garyyyyygazzagary December 23, 2009
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