Verb: To attempt to take a hot pan out ove the oven too quickly and thus drop the food, especially relevant when cooking for others. Named for "actor" Neil Stuke, who did just that on Celebrity Masterchef when the food was intended for an Olympic committee dinner
Guy: I was cooking dinner for my new girlfriend but when I grabbed the chicken out the oven I Stuked it all over the floor
by D-Man_1979 November 15, 2010
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To carry/hide something, usually in an illegal situation such as hiding contraband items when being taken into custody or smuggling them past initial inspection when being admitted to rehab.

Item being 'stuked' would be something useful or valuable to you in this situation such as drugs, money or cigarettes. It could however, be a sentimental item such as a photo or jewellery containing inscriptions or a locket with a photograph.

You could also stuke something like money from an armed robbery or even every day items that you didn't want someone in particular to find.

ie: "have you got any stukies?" or "Where'd ya stuke that dope I got you to hold?" or "I stuked it in your pillow case".

1) As you're being taken to jail or holding cells, you quickly and subtley remove your jewellery, cash & drugs and place them into a container which you then stick up any orifice of your choice.

2) You spot your mistress's bra that she's left behind on your couch, just as you hear you're wife's car pull into the driveway, so you quickly stuke the bra behind the fridge where your wife won't see it.
by Aussie_slang February 21, 2008
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A man who defines the word "beastly" he is a man of impeccably beasty beastliness - an animal of strength from which lust and desire exudes from. He breaks walls with his fists, breaks women's wombs with his manly manhood, and breaks the fourth wall with his witty sense of humbly humourous humour. Stuke's beastliness approaches a level at which the only phrase useable for him is "beastiality"
Gaaaah! Stuke! Stuke Lalley! Fatally orgasmic high pitched moans of female pleasure)
by Live in Excess September 3, 2022
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