Bitch really?
Dick: Kirby is a game for kids.
Kirby Fan: Boy, you've seen nothing.
*Shows a picture of Zero (a fucking eyeball) bleeding*
This shit's for kids?
by AAGuy March 4, 2019
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Down + B.
Kirby pressed Down and B.
by Skelecool January 30, 2019
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A hella adorable lil pink puff that kicks ass in all of his games. He loves to eat everything but gains no weight and eats people to use their power against them. Kirby is apparently a meme and he doesn’t deserve to be a meme. He too cute and powerful.
Kirby memes
by Lunarverse March 2, 2019
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Sexual act derived from the famous game character Kirby. This is when a person is able to put a man's shaft and both balls in the mouth (licking the balls while performing this is a huge plus). Because of this, the person's face becomes rounded and bigger, resembling Kirby.
I don't know how that bitch over there pulled off the Kirby on big dick DJ.
by snakebiter October 7, 2009
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A pink ball with arms which sucks and blows. Stars in his own video games made by Nintedo.
X:Did you get the new Kirby game?
Y:No I heard it sucked
by Darth Revan May 22, 2005
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Kirby is a type of person you'll see as a difficult person to talk to & is ignorant. Reality, hes a type of person you'd want to talk to every second. Kirby is a talented & handsome boy any girl would've wanted. Kirby is loyal & honest on anything he does, & Kirby is a person you'd never want to leave behide, Hes the light to guide you to your future path. Selfless too.
Ally - I fell in love with a boy name Kirby, What do you think?
Ashley - 2 years you've know him & you just fell in love?
Ally - Yeah, Its just, hes like the light to guide me to my future.
by Edit Ally October 15, 2019
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The beautiful name of a super cool Pixie! Kirbie's love children, music, going to the river, hanging out with friends, glittering their best friends, going to awesome parties and enjoying some rum! The best friend in your life will be a Kirbie and she will make you feel so special and loved whenever she is around. She will make you homemade gifts and cards on your birthday, filled with glitter of course, and remember you before you ever get the chance to feel forgotten. If you are having an awesome time in your life, and find yourself on many adventures, there is probably a Kirbie somewhere! :D
Who is that super hot awesome Pixie? Oh, that must be Kirbie.

Not to be confused with the vacuum!
by Hippie Girl 22 July 7, 2011
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