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Normally slipper is used by the meaning of the footwear slipper. But it can also relate to "being a slipper", which means to obey almost everything you're asked to do. By other words you're extremely dutiful if you're a slipper.
"Robert is my slipper since he does everything I tell him to do."

"Oh, stop it! You don't have to be my slipper all the time! I can do my dishes on my own."
by Lingua August 07, 2006

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The word keeg /kig/ is an English word, but is used in most languages in it's original form.
Basically, keeg is the opposite of geek. Geek, meaning a person who is more than capable of handling a modern computer, is sometimes used in a negative meaning, giving the humiliated a not-positive response. That response is often given by persons who don't understand that the computer is tomorrow's basic.
However, keeg can be used for more than meaning "not geek". It can in fact be used for almost everything. That's because people can agree with each other what the word geek actually means. Some asserts it means a person with no friends but his PC. Other claims the geeks are our society's most-wanted for modern jobs, and therefore fabulous people.
"Yesterday I solved the problem with my computer. It was an L99 stationed in the main C, but my teacher couldn't figure it out by himself. He is such a keeg!"

"I hate geeks! They're such nerds! To be a keeg, like me, is the best."
by Lingua August 07, 2006

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The word scetchy comes from the two english words spooky and scary. Scetchy is normally used for describing something that's not yet finished. Like a cartoon on the scetch stadium. If a book seems scetchy, it simply doesn't seem finished.
But the other meaning of this word is a mix of the two words above. Many believe some norwegian people invented this word, but we can't be sure.
If you're spooked by a déjà vu, for example, you'd normally say "Spooky,". Or scary, of course. If something happens very coincidentally but appears to you as very planned and unexpected at the same time, this word, scetchy, matches for the situation.
It can also be used as an exclamation for a unpleasant situation.

All in all the word can be used for a dozen occasions, and there's actually no hundred percent detailed defination for it. Just use it when something is scary and spooky at the same time.
A man is walking in his neighbour's backyard when he suddenly hears a twig snap behind him. He turns around, but there's no one there. "Scetchy," he says.

"It is scetchy to take off for a spring and fall ten meters down and into the water."
by Lingua August 07, 2006

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The most known definition of "monkey" is the animal monkey; an animal often found in the jungel of Africa.
But we're talking about another explanation of the meaning of the word. Monkey can also be used as an exclamation, like the word blimey. Blimey is used when something happens suprisingly, like when someone's getting jumped from behind.
Monkey is 100 % certainly evolved by a fifteen year old student in Norway. According to the rumours he was playing a computer game, and when things went wrong, he cried "Monkey!".
A guy trimbles over a rock. "Monkey!"

by Lingua August 07, 2006

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