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A group of hippie socialists who want nothing but to fuck over the entire school system at YorkU.

Not that it matters, y'know, unless they get their 30% pay increase.
student: Fuck yea! There's gonna be a strike!
student 2: You know that it's gonna push our school into summer right?
student: ....fuck CUPE 3903. They're such fags.
by lindendragon November 06, 2008

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Short form for "really easy"
man, that test was reasy.

That girl is reasy. Go get laid w/ her!
by Lindendragon December 19, 2005

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A Nazi rape machine which can be purhcased on the Swiss black market for approximately 3 million dollars. Has the ability to use up a human being within 3 minutes.
Hey man, did you see der reichenrapenmaschine i got?

by Lindendragon April 14, 2006

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Plural form of the word thesis. Rarely used, since usually only 1 thesis is needed, however, does sound very similar to feces.
Oh man, my teacher just showed the crappiest pile of theses I ever saw.

That's... err... some pretty interesting theses you got there.
by Lindendragon December 05, 2006

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Acronym for "be back never", a derivative of brb. Used when one no longer has the desire to continue chatting, and wants to ditch the conversation.

Usually typed as brb, with the intent of bbn.
cool guy:Hey, he's so annoying, i'm gonna pull a bbn.
friend: sure =\
noob: yea, and then, bla bla bla...
cool guy: Hey man, brb.
noob: Ok
*never comes back*
by Lindendragon July 06, 2005

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