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Cock Blocking Cousin

A cousin who's always interfering with you getting laid.
Man1: Man, I was gonna get some pussy, but my damn cousin was hanging around again.

Man2: Should have kicked that cbc out!
by LexxyAmy September 15, 2008
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Stands for "Free For All Flame Fest". It's when you start a flame fest over a certain topic in forums or blogs.
zomg! Did you see the ffaff that noob started?
by LexxyAmy July 1, 2008
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To cry, bitch, or moan about something. To rub it in someones face when they are crying.
Ugly Person 1: I am so ugly I am going to cut myself.

Hottie: Womp womp!
by LexxyAmy December 23, 2008
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