11 definitions by Lew

Very cool. Worthy of praise. Used to describe something that is noteworthy. Similar to "off the chain."
That girl at the mall had a ugly face, but her ass was off the rip, dog.
by Lew April 14, 2003
The penis of a cow (bull). Slang term for the penis of a human. Usually used in a comedic fashion.
Why don't I stick my fuckin pizzel in your mouth, bitch?
by Lew April 14, 2003
so bangin that i needed to create another deffinition...lew would tavel through the seven levels of that shitty candy cane forest, smoke the biggest blunt ever created, and try to make esther smart again just to see that bangin denzer.
that denzer is banginhizzy
by Lew January 26, 2005
bangin girl that lew loves
lew wants a denzer because its bangin
by Lew January 19, 2005
Booze" A boozer is a person who floats in a puddle of self pity unable to come to grips with his own reality. The most notable feature of a boozer is he has forgotten who really cares about him because he or she only cares for booze. Warning do not fall in love with a boozer, it is a love triangle with booze being foremost the love, and the most important.
Boozers can be found in most Bars and clubs, if found in a Bar or Club they will pretend to be your friend or just be nasty to you or just want to be left alone rather than be friendly. They can be found at the same old place day after day, or they at times will come home and set in the dark and drink and be a complet asshole to their wife or husband and kids. Frankly speaking they have no life and they don't want anyone else to have one.
by Lew October 22, 2003
Mog is a stoner word used for food while stoned. It can also be used at a verb.
Dude, you got any good mog.

Man, I'm gonna mog out your frig ok?
by Lew March 12, 2004
A person who is unfortunate enough to have a penis of 3 inches in length.
That girl said Matthew Read had a panda penis.
by Lew April 27, 2004