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Being high can best be described by stages or phases.

1. Laughies (You laugh incessantly and uncontrollably)
2. Munchies (You devour anything edible)
3. Sleepies (You pass out)

The transitions are more dramatic depending on...

1. Bud quality
2. How much you tok that session
3. How often you tok in general
These are general guidelines. Being 'high' is different for each user and can be described by a plethora of differing opinions. It just depends on your own perspective.
by LevyStoned March 21, 2008

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Timberland. AKA Timbo. The music producer. He makes bad ass beats.
Justin: "Hey Timbo!"
Timberland: "Yeah..."

It's in the song "Good Foot". Google it.
by LevyStoned January 28, 2008

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