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A lonely heart experiencing hedgehog's dilemma craves loving relationship but:
Doubts that love as she defines it is possible
Has built up a wall around her heart as a defense from past hurts
Is in love and is afraid, very afraid
Is necessarily cautious
Is one suffering from hedgehog's dilemma more compatible with a porcupine, who is also guarded, or a puppy that is open to and unafraid of love?
by LetsPlayKeepAway December 11, 2019

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Lina is beautiful. Her energy is amazing. She is an exceptionally talented visual artist and a closet poet. Lina achieved success in a humble upbringing and is a master chef, a badass biker, a hardworking provider. She has grown and and mushy over the years and puts people in their place when needed. People say she's a bitch because she is. But she is also a lot of wonderful things.
Lina is a beloved mother grandmother great grandmother sister. Resilient. Powerful. Carries herself well. Huge gossip. So dont tell her anything. Trust painting or thrifting with her instead. Or eating!
by LetsPlayKeepAway December 18, 2019

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December 18 is the birthday of a man that has had quite a history. Positive traits: watches the news daily, talented at art, taught his daughter that the ocean was her best friend, better than any man.
Happy birthday OG born December 18.
by LetsPlayKeepAway December 18, 2019

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Be wary of being asked to be an ally. It's sad but true that they get used. Once an ally the people you are trying to help will get everything they can from you and everyone you know then badmouth you so they can one up you. And feel really good about it with no remorse because you were supposedly born into privilege and they weren't. Others of a similar class than you will doubt your loyalty. Then you will be on your own. Which means broke as f. So just be careful of that.
One side: Kill our ally!
Other side: She doesn't want to be one of us. She only likes lowlifes that can't help us. So dont help her!
by LetsPlayKeepAway December 18, 2019

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Dec 14 is the birthday of the most beautiful girl to bless the earth with her presence.
Its Dec 14. Happy birthday to our greatest gift, joy and blessing.
by LetsPlayKeepAway December 14, 2019

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Putin's Bitch is a unique form of diplomacy and assimilation practiced by Trump when doing business, politics, relationship building and friend raising in Russia. Trump is unique in that he is able to get along well with groups that other Americans label the bad man, making astonishing inroads with Soviet leaders.
Putin's Bitch says 2 y 2, grab that pussy and round and round we go.

This round of vodka is on you, Putin's Bitch!
Putin's Bitch is a pluralist? building world peace by bringing funding to countries at high risk of war as a result of economic destabikization.
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by LetsPlayKeepAway December 18, 2019

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Interactions work so much better with others when you share your triggers with each other. You then avoid triggering each other out of carr, respect, empathy and the knowledge on how to do so.
He. wasn't trustworthy. He knee my triggers and would deliberately use that knowledge to hurt me.

Our trust and intimacy and love bond grew as we helped.each other heal our triggers.
by LetsPlayKeepAway December 18, 2019

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