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A person so mentally, socially, or emotionally lame that they are unable or afraid to attend even basic social functions. They tend to provide very weak excuses for their antisocial behavior. They also tend to be weak-willed, spineless, dweeby suck-ups.
Sumon: I can't go to the lunch to honor Nicole, I have to talk to my boss.
Steve: You luzer, she was counting on you being there!
by Leo Dante November 17, 2009
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Short for pacfier. Pronounced "fi-da"
"Where's my phida!?!"

"Plug that kid's mouth with a phida."
by Leo Dante March 19, 2008
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The painful but somewhat stimulating anal sensation you experience the morning after eating too many of the hottest buffalo wings the bar offers (e.g., BWW's Blazers). Some Indian food can have the same effect but usually it is only from some very irresponsible sadistic joker.
Steve: "Try these wings, they burn more coming out than going in."
Joe: "meh, they're not so bad but I can tell from the smell that they prolly are morning afterburners."
by Leo Dante March 24, 2012
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–verb (used with object) to send a scanned image to an email address via a network-connected email-enabled scanner or fax machine. Many scanners can send documents via email in Adobe Inc. pdf format. A fax machine can be used to scanemail to a service (e.g., eFax) that fowards fax images to an email address.
"I need a softcopy of that document she faxed to you."
"I only have this printout but I can scanemail it to you."
by Leo Dante July 29, 2008
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Acronym for "Happy Birthday Old Man"
HBOM!!! What are you now? Seventy something?
by Leo Dante March 19, 2008
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