5 definitions by Leo Henreezer

A chet hole. The endless inferno Chet was damned to in the gospel of Denver circa 2020 AD.
Chet! Get out of the Chet Hole Before the Denver Bicycle Gang comes back!!!!!!
by Leo Henreezer August 13, 2021
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The biggest sigma in the atmosphere. A Leo Henry male does not listen to Weezer. Avid Lacrosse player, Leo Henry Males are naturally drowning in pussy, however they reject every last woman across the multiverse. He is VERY straight despite what Lliam McGuinness males might tell you.
Oh look! There goes beloved Lacrosse player Leo Andrew Henry Minionbach!!!!!111 Leo Henry is so basedpilled and anti-cringecore!!!!!!
by Leo Henreezer August 13, 2021
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The Southern Orifice, located in the Umbral Frat Slopes of Boulder. Concocted by the unholy breed of Boulder Stoners, the South Mouth chicken wings possess the most varied and potent flavors known to mortal senses. According to the Tablets of Minionbach, The South Mouth wings possess the ability to cleanse the soul of the consumer of their sins, allowing them to cross the corrupted plains of Los Alamos, and access the portal to the Chet Pit
The Portal to the Chet Pit is within the Los Alamos labs. The only artifact that will allow you to pass through the corrupted plains, unmutated, is the Ancient Wings of South Mouth.
by Leo Henreezer August 27, 2021
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The most basic of the single celled organisms.
I'm so glad Leo Henry isn't a Weezer Fan.
by Leo Henreezer August 30, 2021
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