An oasis of social ineptitude located in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Has more PhD's per capita than anywhere else, and a self satisfied and pretentious attitude. The majority of the population wears socks with sandals and is either vastly over payed, or not payed enough. Incredibly dull, unless nuclear fission gets you hard.
"Hey, want to have fun? Thats too bad, because we're in Los Alamos"
by Imperator07 March 01, 2009
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Site of the Manhatten Project. A small town located in a New Mexico forest where rich, socially awkward scientists who go to work wearing sandals in combination with long socks plot to blow up North Korea and start a nuclear war. (But they deny this when you ask them about it)

Checkpoints are located along the roads leading into Los Alamos, and the guards are always very cheerful people who will agree to have their pictures taken if you ask nicely.
Los Alamos High School Girl: Last night at 12 a black van came up to my house and my parents drove off in it without telling me where they were going!
Friend: So what? Happens to me all the time, because i have an internship at the Lab. Want to race to see who can solve their Rubik's Cube faster? I just learned a new algorithm for it and I bet it works faster than yours!
by fruit not vegetable August 06, 2011
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Los Alamos Police Department (LAPD) is a department consisting of a variety of ape like mammals. These creatures are generally known for their low intelligence, small stature, arrogant personalities, and an uncanny sense of smell for underage trouble such as toilet papering houses. The LAPD carry the authority to arrest individuals for a variety of crimes such as J walking, laughing, sneezing, stetching, playing tennis, and reading. Studies have shown that the psychology of these individuals relates to that of a booger eating adolescent that was picked on throughout highschool and seeks revenge as an adult. Although the majority of the time, these individuals continue to get picked on as adults, the LAPD have found means to carry weapons to make up for the typical tiny weiners found on these animals. While not at work, these creatures can typically be found on their back with their legs over their head attempting to suck on their own weiners. See also short man's syndrome, sissy, dooshbag, vagina man and duck butter
Example 1: "I just saw a lizard eat an ant. We should probably call the Los Alamos Police Department!"

Example 2: "My girlfriend says my penis is too big; however, she used to date a guy from Los Alamos Police Department, so it's really not a big compliment."

Example 3: "You should graduate highschool or else you will end up at Los Alamos Police Department."

Example 4: "If you guys call me a girl 14 or 15 more times, I will join Los Alamos Police Department."

Example 5: "I wish I could read. Now I have to join Los Alamos Police Department."

Example 6: "Oh no, here comes the Los Alamos Police Department, pull a vagina man so they are not intimidated."
by Lost Almost August 16, 2010
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Crooked cops who are hell bent on the destruction and/or obedience of the local youth. If ever in trouble with merciless villains, your best bet is to run. They are nothing but resentful, bloodthirsty, whale-like, cigarette smokers. They think they are hot fucking snot and have nothing better to do but bust parties and act like cocky condescending bastards to everyone else. Fuck the LAPD!
officer blue heres to you... fuck los alamos police department
by Crime Dawg November 13, 2008
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