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Someone who is confined against their will in order to perform frequent violent sex.
Fritzl used his daughter as a rape puppet.
by leimagnus September 25, 2013
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- Someone (esp. a female) who is so ugly, you're not sure if they're the result of countless generations of incest, the victim of an extremely violent other-half, or if they've had 3rd degree burns all over their face.

- An old woman addicted to Meth amphetamine
Mary: Damn, Silvia. You sure are a methbag.
Silvia: You see how good you look after having three kids!!
Mary: The kids come out of your face, skank?
by leimagnus September 26, 2013
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derog. Word used to describe an opponent in a game whom you have dismissed as no competition, who later ends up winning or coming close to winning.

See also: Jeb, Jeb-end, Jebster
*hare sees tortoise ahead of him after his nap*
Hare: Oh, you little jeblet!
by leimagnus September 26, 2013
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Someone who is dependent on heroin.
Especially one who is non-athletic and avoids conflict.
See: Smackhead
Kid: Mummy! Why is that man selling his shoes?
Mum: Just ignore him, honey! He's a dirty little smack monkey.
by leimagnus September 25, 2013
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A task that calls for a lot of effort but with unpleasing or in rare occasions undesired results, but if said task is not completed, the outcome could be much worse.
example 1
"Mark is at work, but has left his key here. Someone's gonna have to take it to him."
"Sod that dude, I'm stoned. Get him to come back here."
"You have to go. he can't come back here because he has some stew in the slow cooker at homee."
example 2
"having to put 5 tags into the Urban Dictionary is a right blag"

by LeiMagnus June 20, 2007
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