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Jena is not when you pee into other people. It's a female's name. Meaning "grace".

Jena is a pretty name. It's a hella lot better than Queenetta or ShawniQua.
James: "Did you know Jena means grace"
Leah: "No but it reminds me of crackers"
by Lehmms March 03, 2009

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When you click something you didn't mean to click.

Like an ad or something stupid.
Whoops, I clickoed on the "Shoot the monkey and win a free house ad"
by Lehmms February 09, 2009

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A dead - beat dad who decides to step in and fuck everything up so he can win a game.

Using pisses and moans about nothing, screams Parental Alienation, abuses the children (in some cases) but most of the time is just an arrogant little douchebag who's only goal is to make himself feel better by using children as his pawns.
I can't wait for my living dead dad to get shot by someone who is tired of his shit.
by Lehmms March 12, 2009

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