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A 'Jzunami' is a huge wave of Jizz washing over everything as a result of your extreme happiness or excitement.
That book is so fucking good I'll be mopping up after the Jzunami for weeks after.

When jizzing in your pants doesn't cut it, a Jzunami accurately describes how epic something truly is.
by Laudanum June 14, 2009

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The sexual act of disabling your opponent by slamming your cunt in their face repeatedly, and smothering them with it.
He wasn't going to go down on me of his own accord, so I has to cuntslam the bitch.
by Laudanum November 27, 2009

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An alternative way to refer to a non binary person, in place of girl/boyfriend.
"I'd like to introduce you to (name), they are my Fluxfriend."
by Laudanum April 14, 2014

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Slang for the act of vomiting, due to the sound one makes when doing it.
Oh man, I was up all night hwarfing my guts up..
by Laudanum July 15, 2009

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Sexual arousal from the use/and or creation of profane language.
Her prowess with, and the use of creative profane language, easily identified her as an obscenaphiliac.
by Laudanum August 15, 2010

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The butterfly shaped contents of a tissue, when you open and examine it after you've blown your nose, during a cold or fever.

Can be specifically used to freak out girls, mothers, and younger siblings.
Hey mum, look at my snotterfly!

I blew one hell of a snotterfly, and shoved it in my sister's face.
by Laudanum March 08, 2011

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