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A hot, beautiful, but intoxicated woman. Alternatively, a hot woman with stress, social issues, or mental problems.
"Look at that sexy mess. Too bad she can't walk."
by Lars Lentz June 01, 2006

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1. Combination of "excitement" and "excretion." Accidental release of the bowels (defecation) during an exciting moment.
On her way through the haunted house, Mary experienced a brief moment of excretement, resulting in a quick trip to the nearest restroom.
by Lars Lentz January 14, 2008

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1. The quality of assigning blame one wishes or believes to be true, rather than the facts.

2. The quality of random assignment of blame to those who do not deserve to be blamed.

3. The quality of being blamey.

That politician did not have his facts straight about who was at fault and instead opted for blaminess in his recent speech.

This lawsuit is full of blaminess, and short on factual information!

There is no cause and effect in this study. Instead there is just a lot of blaminess.

by Lars Lentz June 10, 2008

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