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Phase one - Egg, A soft pod that contains Phase two of Xenomorph Development

Phase two - Facehugger, A Spiderlike creature with a tail that implants an Embryo into the throat of the being it latched onto*, It's tail wraps around, and constricts the throat, so as to cause the victim to lose conciousness. Then, To prevent host death, It gives the host small amounts of oxygen from two sacs behind the legs of the Facehugger. Once the embryo is implanted, it sinks down into the upper chest of the host, where it gestates. As soon as the Embryo loses touch with the implantation 'tongue' of the facehugger, the facehugger detatches and dies. Then the Embryo grows into Phase three.

Phase three - Chestburster, The Production of the embryo, it's name comes into play when it is fully grown. Where it digs/eats it's way through the hosts internal organs, bones, and chest, and 'bursts' out. Depending on the host, the Xenomorph may be of varied sizes immediately after birth. Human and Yautja Borne-Xenomorph chestbursters are relatively small, but Dog and cat, and soforth borne Xenomorphs grow until they no longer fit in the host's stomach, then they 'burst'. The Chestbursters gnerally take familiar traits from the host Humans 'give birth' to Xenomorphs with Humanly capabilities, such as Bipedalism. Once a Chestburster is born, It immediately looks to feed, once it has done so, It sheds it's chestburster skin and fully grows into Phase four.

Phase four - Fully-Grown Xenomorph, Having fed and grown, It meets it's final stage of life. Now that it has inherited all the traits it needed to grow, It no longer changes. Depending on the physical abilities of the host, now factor into it's job in the colony. If it was born from a Marine, It would grow as a Warrior or a soldier, If it was born from something that was unemployed, or a working class person, It would be a Drone, a worker. Usually Xenomorphs born from lower life forms, such as dogs and cats, Are used as scouts and runners. Yautja-Borne Xenomorphs are usually cast out, or left unused by the Queen.

Classes of Xenomorphs

Drones#1: Singular Drones, Usually cast out, or first-births**, They aren't used to Hive work, and usually make their own mock hives, for food.

Hive Drones#4/5: Drones are workers, they secrete the hive. They follow the exact orders given to them, even if it includes harming the queen. They will also harm others of theirs, if it is necessary to follow the queens orders.

Runners#3: Lower-births**, they are sent out to scout out more places to expand the hive, and report to the queen, as she is immobile. They have thinner bones, but stronger appendage muscles*** To help them run. But as it also seems, it helps them capture prey if necessary.

Soldiers#6: Extremely powerful muscles, and thicker bones, to make them powerful to destroy, But it also slows and weighs them down. They are not protectors by any means, They are sent to make war against deadlier threats. Usually they aren't even birthed, because the Xenomorph's usually assimilate everything, instead of destroy it.

Warriors#2: The bridge between drones and Soldiers, They protect and fight for the queen. They have thicker bones and stronger muscles, but not as thick or strong as the Soldier, to balance them out.

Prætorians - seven are born, and protect the queen, nothing else. They are born after the queen, but live much longer, to protect the queens final-laid egg, her successor. They die out after the Praetorian eggs are born. They are bigger, stronger, somewhat undersized queens. They have powerful, small arms proof, skin.

Queens#2/4/5 - The Largest Xenomorph, one of it's kind is birthed to a hive from the previous one. This is the complete Schbang, she gives birth to the eggs, and orders all of the Xenomorphs born, ALL OF THEM. She is secreted to an Egg chamber, where the Eggs come out from. However, if the situation calls for it, she can detatch from the egg laying device. Since she is noramlly secreted to the wall, she has little balance, and stutter-steps around when free.

*-Queens and Prætorians have their own Special Facehuggers
**-Born before a queen, casting them out of a hive.
***-Born from a lower creature, like a cat, or a dog, or an Ox.
#-Which movie the Xenomorph class was encountered
1-Alien (1979)
2-Aliens (1986)
3-Alien3 (1992)
4-Alien Resurrection (1998)
5-Alien Versus Predator (2004)
6-Alien Versus Predator: Requiem (2007)
"Come on! Is that the best you can do ya fucker!" ~ Dillon, Alien3
"I 'ate bugs!" ~ Morse, Alien3
"I like to keep this handy, for close encounters," "Amen," ~ Conversation between Corporal Dwayne Hicks and Private Hudson, Aliens
"Something's fucking after us!" ~ National guard soldier, Alien Versus Predator: Requiem
"A Xenomorph may be involved"
"It's a bug hunt,"
by Larry F. Malarkey October 13, 2007
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Nomadic Hunters, That Hunt whatever they feel like,

They do have rules though, They only hunt what is capable of harming them, Or it deems worthy under it's own circumstances

So far, there have only been two Predator actors
Kevin Peter Hall(Predator 1 and 2)
Ian Whyte(Alien Versus Predator, and Alien Verus Predator: Requiem)

(In Predator 2, the Hunter Refused to Kill Leona because she was pregnant, and refused to Kill Charles in AVP because of his Asthma, but soon after, shanked him for setting him on fire.)
Yautja has never been mentioned in a movie.
by Larry F. Malarkey October 13, 2007
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A Slang term for a Xenomorph
Xenos and Preds are so unmatched.
by Larry F. Malarkey October 13, 2007
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