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SPCD is an acronym for "Small Penis Compensation Device". These devices include a wide range of subjects ranging from a 300,000$ Ferrari to an aggressive monster truck on the public roads. Devices also include 5000$ watches, ridiculously expensive suits (clothing)...you get the idea.
Matt: Hey! wanna check out my new diamond studded 4000$ watch?
Kuren: Dude, spare me your SPCD.
by LargeTrout February 02, 2009
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It's a Hindi word that literally means "useless". Usually targeted as a mild insult towards slackers and good for nothing mooch offs.
Sonam looked at her good-for-nothing lazy husband and muttered "bekaar" under her breath.
by LargeTrout December 29, 2010
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Acronym for "Too Complicated Didn't Read". A variation of TLDR except what has been typed is so far above your head that you need to be a rocket scientist. Also might be TLDR but not necessarily.
Beaker: Mike buddy you missed the party night

Mike: My absence is a result of partaking in meal contaminated by flamboyant oquines lactate salmonella. I spent the entire night gripped by suspicious paranoia.

Beaker: ... TCDR

Robert: He means he had food poisoning and had nightmares all night.
by LargeTrout January 20, 2011
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It's like photoshop but for videos. Stupid speak for CGI.
Man, that entire Matrix movie was videoshopped.
by LargeTrout October 25, 2011
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Usually an attractive woman or girl present in geeky places and conferences to attract the attention of a geek. You can find them in places where you would last expect to find so many attractive women - career fairs at linux conferences, linux meetings/conferences.

They usually have a see-through bra, dress with nipples poking out or low cut cleavage dresses aimed to attract the virgin (talented and hardworking) geek.
Tom: Man, those chicks at Linuxworld in SF were so f**king hot, i didn't know chicks who dressed like that are into geeky stuff like i am.

Matt: You idiot, those were geekbait
by LargeTrout August 23, 2007
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