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usually a 16 year old girl who is anal about organization. normally tall with short brown hair. takes after that father figure in the family. favorite saying "your mom" at completely innapropriate times. feeds on younger sisters that are tall beautiful with long blonde hair. briaunas hate blonde girls. if you are around them to long they can start to rub off on you. beware.
blonde 1: omg! something just ate all my long blonde hair off!!
blonde 2: it must have been a briauna
by Laliah December 19, 2008
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the act of shooting up steroids to the point when your muscles literally burst out of your shirt. makes small girls sit on your lap. testicles often drop as a result.
boy: dang he has huge muscles
girl: duh hes obviously caking i mean look at shaniqua sitting on his lap...
by laliah December 19, 2008
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A girl who looks like she's on meth, is a midget, likes it up the ass, looks like a drown rat, has roots that are white as hell coming out of her dark emo black hair. likes women, but only the fat kind, get's in fights at lunch against maegan and brooke. throws chairs, likes fire crotches and "men" that are caking. confuses asian people. never eats looks like a toothpick wears mens pants. masterbates to mr. bates. white.
Ex. 1: girl 1: ahggg what is that
Girl 2: must be a shaniqua

Ex2: asian: what the hell is a shaniqua
NOrmal people: shut the fuck up
ASian: I wont until you tell me! is it savannah
normal people: taylor shut the fuck up!
by laliah December 19, 2008
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